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Rediscovering The Faith Of Abraham book cover.

Rediscovering The Faith Of Abraham.
This book will open your eyes, readjust your mindset, -and-
Change Your Life Forever! Proceed with anticipation.

Banned by religious authorities for millennia, 'the knowledge' presented in 'Rediscovering The Faith Of Abraham', boldly proclaims 'the ultimate end of all religions' by announcing, "The Time Of Jacob's Trouble", is upon us. All truth is revealed. What has, and is, and will, happen next...



There is confusion in the three main religions of the world; Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. All three claim to have descended from Abraham, and all three claim to use the same ancient Hebrew Scriptures. Yet each of these religions are vastly different from each other, and each has its own 'inspired' set of writings, which all differ from each other, and which all supersede the ancient Hebrew Scriptures, from which they all claim they sprang. How can this be? How can so many religions spring forth from one set of writings?

Let us see what the CREATOR, 'The Mighty One Of Israel', can tell us about this confusion:

(Hosea 4:6) (TLB) My people are destroyed because they don't know Me, and it is all your fault, you priests, for you yourselves refuse to know me; therefore, I refuse to recognize you as my priests. Since you have forgotten my laws, I will 'forget' to bless your children.*

*See this verse in (ALL Bible Versions).

(Malachi 2:1-3) (LEB) 1And so then, O priests*, this command is for you: 2If you will not listen, and if you will not take it to heart to give glory to My Name, says YHWH Of Hosts, then I will send the curse on you, and I will curse your blessings; moreover I have already cursed them because you are not taking it to heart. 3Look! I am going to rebuke your offspring, and I will scatter offal on your faces, the offal of YOUR religious feasts, and you will be carried to it.

*Also See: (Jeremiah 2:8, Jeremiah 5:3, Hosea 8:14).

Welcome to these in-depth studies proclaiming the CREATOR's truths and grand plan for mankind. The articles and essays in this book, have been assembled and compiled from diverse locations across the web, edited and redacted with an eye towards providing the same knowledge and wisdom, that was given to the 13 tribes of Israel. They contain the Hebrew faith as practiced by all the patriarchs from Adam to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and later written down by Moses, all of whom knew the ETERNAL personally.

These articles and essays will transport you back in time as though YOU were there, witnessing these events. Listen to the CREATOR as He instructs His called out, new-born nation of Israelites, and teaches them His ways in how to get the most out of life. Be prepared, because you will be gaining real in-depth knowledge and wisdom, from the Almighty CREATOR Himself, as He opens your eyes and prepares you to join His Kingdom of priests, as His very own sons and daughters! No longer will you be led around like lambs to the slaughter, by false self-serving counterfit priests, teaching for truth, their equally counterfit, messages of deception [all organized religions].

You should read each article slowly, thoughtfully, with full understanding. Do not move on from one sentence to the next unless you fully understand what you just read. When you encounter a bold red link, be sure to click on it. Do not be lazy. It has taken more than eight years to locate, transcribe, and edit this material, and an additional two years to compile and cross-reference these works across multiple references and sources. It should take you approximately the same amount of time, to read these articles with full understanding. There is no substitute for doing the work yourself.

That's what people do in church. They let someone else [priests, ministers, rabbis etc.], do it for them. The only thing you will learn that way, is what they know, which is very little, and nothing useful or truthful. If the CREATOR isn't teaching you, then you are open to being decieved. As you will see, everything you thought you knew about the ETERNAL CREATOR, salvation, and his grand plan for you, is probably incorrect at best, and willfully misrepesented to you purposely, at worst. By regularly studying this material, you can come to know and love the CREATOR, The Mighty One Of Israel, as He loves you, and honor Him as He wishes to be honored.

The time is at hand; the Almighty CREATOR of the universe will soon be calling all the children of Israel to a regathering of the original tribes, for their final heritage. As you read and learn from this material, you may feel a strong desire to become part of the biggest happening in creation yet! If you do, you may very well be a descendant of Abraham, who are said to be as numerous as the sands of the sea, and the stars in the sky. If this sounds like something you would like to learn more about, then read on. The ETERNAL SOVEREIGN, and CREATOR of the universe is calling.

Everything you need to know to respond to that call, can be found in The Holy Scriptures, aka The Tanakh, aka The Old Testament. You won't find it in the [New Testament]™, or The Quran, or The Talmud, or The Kabbalah, or The Mishnah. No, this call can only be answered by direct communication between you, and The Mighty One Of Israel. So, how do we even begin to understand Scripture? We read it, and it sounds great, but what does it mean? We're told in [church, mosque, temple] various things that it means, none of which agree, not only with each other, but with Scripture itself. Such confusion. HOW can we understand it? We understand it, by letting the CREATOR teach us, as we read along with Him!

This book will show you how.

One Who Cares.



You MAY copy the material in this book for personal use or FREE distribution. You may NOT reproduce any portion of the material in this book, in whole or in part, for monetary gain. Doing so will be counter-productive to what you are trying to learn/teach.

This material is published UNAUTHORED by '(One Who Cares)', Therefore: You may NOT reproduce this material in whole, or in part, under ANY name whatsoever. You are however, Strongly Encourged to make and distribute as many copies as you like [AS IS], to as many people as you like: [Everyone you know?]. Why wouldn't you?



This book is dedicated to all those who seek for truth, but never find it. Now is your opportunity. Don't let it pass you by.



First, and foremost, we must humbly acknowledge 'The ETERNAL SOVEREIGN, And CREATOR Of The Universe' [ The Name Of God., The Name Of God., YHWH ], who is the giver of ALL knowledge.

(Daniel 12:4) (KJV) But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.

To that end, this book is a compilation of that increased knowledge. Men have been going 'To and Fro' for over 4000 years now. But at no other time in history has knowledge increased at such an exponential rate. In this age, knowledge of the SOVEREIGN of the universe, is becoming known like never before, despite concerted attempts by religious authorities to suppress it, just as they have done throughout the centuries. I wish to acknowledge the untold number of people, who spent their entire lives searching for truth, whose hard earned knowledge WAS used in the making of this book. Your diligent work will be greatly rewarded.

And last, but certainly not least, I would like to thank the two people closest to me, whose assistance and patience made this book possible.



The purpose of this book is to support, encourage, and educate those individuals whom 'The ETERNAL SOVEREIGN, And CREATOR Of The Universe' [ The Name Of God., The Name Of God., YHWH ], has called to the understanding that HE ALONE is the True 'Mighty One of Israel', who created the heavens, seas, dry land, and all that they contain; by Himself. (Isaiah 44:24, Isaiah 45:18, Job 9:8-9, Nehemiah 9:6, Jeremiah 33:2).

Nowhere, is there an apparent group of people who look ONLY to the Hebrew Scriptures [Tanakh, OT], as the single revelation from the CREATOR of mankind, without using extra 'added' books, that 'supersede' or 'expound' on, the original Hebrew Scriptures. The Hebrew Scriptures stand alone, as the ONLY 'Sacred Word' of the ETERNAL SOVEREIGN. (Deuteronomy 4:2, Deuteronomy 12:32, Proverbs 30:5-6).

Today, the United States, the majority of the former British Commonwealth of Nations, and most of the democracies in Europe, have descended from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. These nations are the lost ten tribes of Israel, who are referred to collectively in Scripture by the name of Israel. The current nation of Israel however, only includes the tribes of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi, who are presently residing there.

It is this book's sincere desire, to lead you down the path to your true birthright, and Eternal Inheritance. Download now, to begin your quest for TRUTH...


How Much Does This Book Cost:

(Isaiah 52:3) (NKJV) "You have sold yourselves for nothing, And you shall be redeemed without money".

May [ The Name Of God., The Name Of God., YHWH ] who is the giver of ALL knowledge bless you, as you: allow HIM to teach YOU. And that, Dear Friend, is the ONLY cost!

Table Of Contents:

Let's Start At The Beginning:

01. Who Is The Creator And What Is His Message?
02. How To Have A Correct Study Of Scripture.
03. Quest For The Ancient Of Days.
04. Quest For The Eternal.
05. Living in Abraham's Camp.
06. The Proof The ETERNAL CREATOR Exists.
07. Quest For The Messiah.
08. What Are The Functions Of A Savior?
09. Our True Creator And Redeemer.
10. The History Of Prophecy.
11. Israel And The Jews in Prophecy Summary.
12. The Sword Of The Hebrews.
13. Where YHWH Placed His Name, And Why.
14. The Eternal's Test.
15. Eden In The Beginning.
16. The Book Of Life.
17. The Eternal Offers Healing.

Lost Ten Tribes of Israel:

18. All Israel Scriptures.
19. Who Are The Lost Tribes Of Israel?
20. The Difference Between The Jews And Israel.
21. Reuniting The Tribes Of Israel.
22. The Children of Israel.
23. The Coming Rebirth Of Israel.
24. Jacob's Pillar Stone.
25. Message To The Shepherds Of Israel.
26. Oh Israel Beware.
27. The Burden Of Malachi.
28. The Prophet Hosea In The 21st Century.
29. A Final Warning To The Children Of Israel.

The CREATOR's Calendar:

30. Quest For The Hebrew Calendar.
31. The Lunar Calendar Of The Scriptural Sabbath.
32. Objections To The Lunar Sabbath.
33. The Jews And The Sabbath.
34. Constantine & Hillel Deceived The Whole World.
35. The Continuous Weekly Cycle Is Proven False.
36. New Moon Day.
37. The New Full Moon.
38. New Moons And Manna.
39. New Moons And Translation Days.
40. New Moons And Sabbaths Side By Side.
41. The Sabbath Calendar.
42. Sabbath Principles.
43. Studying Scripture On The Sabbath.
44. Recovering The Lost Sabbath.
45. The Eternal's Holy Days.
46. The Feast Of Booths.
47. Passover - Lets Get It Right.
48. Waving A Sheaf Of Barley.
49. How The ETERNAL Measures Time.
50. Daniel Predicts The Time of the End.
51. High Places. What Are They?

Articles On Christianity:

52. New Testament Credibility.
53. Are We Saved By Grace?
54. Is Blood Required To Atone For Sin?
55. What About Circumcision?
56. What About Saying Amen?
57. What About Tithing?
58. Why Christianity?
59. Must We Keep The Commandments Today?
60. Angels. (Some Are Not What You Think.)
61. Does Daniel Nine Prove 'Jesus' Is The Christ?
62. Understanding Isaiah 53.
63. Why Are Bad Things Happening To America?
64. Why Satan Doesn't Win.
65. Religious Saviors And Their Claims.
66. Christmas Origin, History, And Traditions.
67. Easter. (A Pagan Passover.)

Miscellaneous Articles:

68. The Dangerous Game.
69. The Union Of Man And Woman.
70. The Union Continued, How Sweet It Could Be.
71. The Wonderful World Of Tomorrow.
72. Who or What is 'God'?
73. When A Man Dies, Shall He Live Again?
74. Memorial Service for a Hebrew Brother.
75. I am Yahweh. That is My name.
76. Yahweh's People Respond To His Name.
77. Ezekiel's Vision Of The 3rd Temple.
78. The Time of Jacob's Trouble, When Does It Begin?
79. The Oral Torah. Is It Binding?
80. Elijah's Message Is Not Preached Today.
81. Covenant Promises To Israel.
82. Why Does Mankind Reject Their CREATOR?
83. David Is The Only True Messiah.
84. What Was The Role Of The Prophets?